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How to keep organized like a boss

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author:by Daniela

​Staying organized is the name of the game if you’re trying to balance a career, a social life, and everything in between. There are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and sometimes they can feel like they just disappear. Staying organized isn’t just for your work life; it’s for your home life too. My favorite part of my week is sitting down with my planner and writing out everything that I have to do. Setting goals for the week and making a to-do list will ensure that you don’t forget anything. Also the rush I get when all of my to-do list boxes are checked off is like no other.  I may be a little too into keeping organized, but it makes my brain happy and helps me concentrate on other things a whole lot better. If you are a newbie to the organization game start simply by keeping a calendar. Whether it’s a physical planner, a piece of paper taped to your cubicle wall, your phone calendar, or Outlook calendar, put everything you’re doing, from full-day events to dinner plans, in a calendar. Even if you don’t look at your calendar frequently, the simple act of writing down an event will help trigger it when it’s closer. I personally have a planner that sits on my desk at work for all of my meetings, webinars, office events, and deadlines. If I need to leave early from work or go in late, it’s in that calendar. Mine is so stuffed full of events that if I was ever missing you could find me based on my calendar. You don’t need to go into that much detail, but ensuring that you don’t overbook yourself or double-book yourself is so much easier when you write things down.

Additionally to writing down important dates and deadlines, writing down your goals and to-dos will help you keep organized and make sure that you’re getting everything done when you need it to be done. Every morning when I get to the office I check my email and see what my manager would like me to do for the day, and write down anything else that I want to accomplish. I don’t always finish everything by the time 5 o’clock rolls around but at the end of each day, I move anything not completed to the next day’s checklist and add new things that I want to get done. Writing down long-term goals will help you visualize them and remind you daily to finish them. In my planner, I have sticky notes with that month’s big goals, and I cross them out as I finish them. It’s an easy way to really feel like you’ve done something.

Now that the month is over and August starts tomorrow, it is the perfect time to start getting yourself organized and start keeping a calendar. To sum up this whole post:

  1. Use a calendar!

  2. Write down your to-do list weekly or daily

  3. Write down your goals weekly or monthly

To make starting off easier for you I have designed 2 different Monthly planner printables that you can print at work or at home and fill in your goals and notes for the month! With each, there is a matching year calendar where you can write down any monthly goals for the full calendar year. Getting organized is as easy as download, print, write!

You can download our printables below!
City Scape or Succulent Schedule

My planner has a clear cover that you can insert 8.5×11 pieces of paper into, so I print out my monthly goals and insert them, making the perfect cover for my planner, you can find a similar one to the one I have here!

I hope you enjoy getting organized as much as I do! Happy color coding!