Employer FAQ

How can MRS help solve your staffing problems?

At Medical Recruitment Strategies, we are driven by our focus on providing excellent customer service, top-notch professional and cost-effective solutions. Our team is there to help, from first contact through the interview and screening process, to placement and beyond. The flexible solutions we provide will suit all your hiring needs including:

  • Traveling Program – Provides coverage for 12-52 week contracts anywhere in the United States

  • Contract Positions – Fits short-term contracts ranging from one week to indefinite time frames

  • Per Diem Positions – Short-term assignments as needed

  • Permanent Positions – Fits tailored permanent placement positions throughout the United States and Puerto Rico for one flat fee

  • Temp to Permanent Positions – Provides you with the opportunity to observe and evaluate an employee’s on-the-job performance before you decide to hire

How does Medical Recruitment Strategies recruit for candidates?

Our goal is to identify the finest healthcare professionals in their respective industries. We prioritize the relationships we build with our nationwide network of candidates to ensure we find the perfect fit for you. The majority of our recruiting includes direct mail communication, internet advertising, classified advertising, phone solicitation, referrals from trusted sources, nationwide conferences and career fairs and advertising in major pharmacy journals. Alongside those methods, we use other strategies to source the best candidates in the nation.

What is Medical Recruitment Strategies screening process for candidates?

We thoroughly screen all of applicants according to the highest standards to guarantee our network have the skills and experience necessary to meet your needs. All of the companies we work with comply with HIPPA requirements. Our screening process includes:

  1. In-depth face to face or phone interviews with each candidate

  2. Verification of license, employment history and academic credentials.

  3. A complete assessment of work history including two verbal and two written references along with performance evaluations from past employers.

  4. Criminal background investigations and drug testing as needed.

What services does MRS offer?

As a medical staffing agency, we offer complete insurance coverage, payroll services including state and federal taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment and liability, weekly invoicing, background (state and federal) screening, drug screening, and more.