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Quick Tips: The best way to order your job experience on a resume

Your resume should be in chronological order with your most recent position at the top

When a recruiter opens your resume, they want to look right at the top and see what your most recent experience is. If they look to the top and see that your most recent job position was a Delivery Person for John’s Pizza in 1997, they’re going to be a little confused as to why you’re applying for a position that requires 5 years of healthcare experience. Most recruiters will scroll down and see that your resume is in chronological order with your first position at the top, but you can’t always guarantee that.The average recruiter looks at a resume for SIX SECONDS, if your resume isn’t up to par in that time, it’s getting tossed. The first thing to make sure of is that your recent experience is on the top. No one cares that you were a newspaper delivery boy when you were 14, they care that you were Pharmacist in charge until last May, or that you’re currently working as Customer Service Representative for a health insurance company. This is an easy fix and just requires some copy and pasting (CTRL+C and CTRL+V if you’re a Windows fan, or Command+C and Command+V if you’re a Mac lover), and a little bit of patience to fix formatting.