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How to Get a Rhode Island Pharmacy Technician License

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author:by Daniela

​As a leader in healthcare and pharmacy staffing, Pharmaceutical Strategies strives to provide resources to clients and candidates for the betterment of their pharmacy careers. For our candidates, that means assisting them in their education and growth of their careers through additional licensing and certifications. Below you will find a summary of how to apply for and receive a license to practice pharmacy in the state of Rhode Island.


Pharmacy Technician I – requires the completion of the Pharmacist in Charge Affidavit section in the application

Pharmacy Technician II – requires the completion of either the PTCB or ExCPT certifications


  • 18 years or older

  • High school diploma or equivalent, or you must be currently enrolled to receive your diploma or equivalent

  • No prior convictions of drug-related crimes

  • The TECH 1 license requires the completion of the Pharmacist in Charge Affidavit section in the application

  • The TECH 2 license requires the completion of either the PTCB or ExCPT certifications


The application fee for the Rhode Island Pharmacy Technician license is $25. The fee can be made payable to the RI General Treasure in a money order. Please attach the money order to the top left hand corner of the first page of the application.

The Process

The application for the Rhode Island Pharmacy Technician License can be found here! The application should be typed or printed in ball point pen. On the top of each page print your last name on the top right corner.

The first page, should be included with the application, however the second page should NOT be included.

Page 3: Fill out your biographical information, name, social security number, gender, etc.

Page 4: Enter your High School diploma information and your preferred address. If you are applying for a Tech 2 license add in the information for your National Pharmacy Technician certification. If you have or have had in the past pharmacy technician licenses in other states, list them on this page. If you have never been licensed in another state check the box on the left. If you are applying for a Tech 1 license, you much get this section filled out by the Pharmacist in Charge of the pharmacy that you are employed at.

Page 5: This page is for any criminal convictions and to answer questions related to your disciplinary past. If you answer yes to any of the disciplinary questions you must provide the complete details of the issue with the application. At the bottom of this page is where you sign and ensure that you have met all of the qualifications and that all of the information provided in the application is correct.

Page 6: If you have received a Pharmacy Technician license in other states fill out the TOP section of this form only as many times as necessary. If you have 3 Pharmacy Technician licenses in other states you will need to fill this form out three separate times.

Once you’ve finished filling out the application, you can send the completed application, your money order, and all additional information to:

Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy
Room 104, 3 Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5097

Interested in working as a pharmacy technician? Check out our job postings here, you can search by job title or location. If you’re located in Rhode Island search “Rhode Island” in the location search bar and hit enter! For more information, you can call a recruiter at 866-352-3337.