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Year in Review and 2020 Insights

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Daniela

​With the decade approaching the closing stages, Medical Recruitment Strategies look back at the year that was 2019 in the healthcare industry and provide our insights for 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A participant in almost every industry trend list for 2019, AI makes an appearance in the healthcare sector as well. Hospitals generate and manage an unbelievable amount of data for everything from patient files to research papers, so the analysation of information can often be a frustrating task. The developments around AI this year has proved to be a significantly helpful tool in the industry. Ultimately, the analysis and ease of access to data and information have improved the overall standard of care offered to patients. 2020 will see substantial investment in the implementation of AI throughout all healthcare outlets and the digitalisation of the industry will continue to offer nothing but positives. 

Staffing Shortages

A more solemn trend for 2019 saw more staff shortages throughout healthcare institutes nationwide. According to NCSBN, 55% of nurses are 50 or older, and 52% of active physicians are over 55. An ageing population relies on the recruitment of young healthcare professionals to uphold the capability and quality of healthcare in the long-term. In addition to the age problems, new regulations implemented this year have raised the patient-to-nurse ratio. Unless new initiatives are created to increase the number of young healthcare professionals next year, this problem is likely to continue over the years without a sustainable solution. 

Wearable Technology

While wearable technology has been available since 2006, companies like Fitbit and Apple have taken centre stage in 2019, as the popularity in wearable tech continues to flourish. Wearers can record data like their heart rate, blood pressure and activity times, while many brands also allow integration with cell phones. Wearable technology has put the responsibility of health back into the hands of the patient, in a convenient and useful way. The wheels of technology move at an alarming rate, so expect more incredible developments with wearable technology in 2020. 


Telehealth has taken many forms this year, with video consultations becoming very prevalent and live-chat options also proving very popular. According to a survey from Definitive Healthcare, 70% of consumers expressed that they would prefer a meeting with a doctor via video chat, as opposed to attending a doctor’s office. Telehealth accounted for $22billion in revenue for 2017, and that figure is expected to reach over $93billion by 2026. With the growth trajectory valued so high, next year should see even more prevalence in the new practice. 

2019 was filled with challenges and exciting new developments in the Healthcare industry. The industry was heavily dominated by technological advancements in this decade and will almost definitely follow the same trend in the next. 

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