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Advice for Pharmacy Technicians during COVID--19 from NHA

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author:by Erin Smith

​The below information is provided by NHA, the National Healthcareer Association, to help with Pharmacy Technician certification during these unprecedented times.

“As your partner in pharmacy technician certification and training, we want you to know we’re here for you and understand the many changes you and your learners are currently facing. As changes continue to evolve, rest assured NHA will continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information and helpful resources as they become available. For now, here’s a summary of the most important information and resources that may help: 

ExCPT Testing Options

During this time, we know that certification testing is vital for you and your CPhT candidates. Below is information about access to certification exams:

  • Testing eligibility

As a reminder, candidates have 6 months from their date of registration to take their exam. If any candidates need to make adjustments to their exam date due to testing center closures, they can do so at any time by contacting NHA customer service. NHA does not require students to complete an externship to be eligible for the ExCPT. However, your state or accrediting body may. If your candidates are not in compliance with state or programmatic accreditor guidelines, they would not be eligible for the ExCPT.  

  • PSI Testing Centers

Depending on the location, candidates may have the option of testing at a physical testing center. As of right now, PSI anticipates re-opening all US testing centers on Friday, May 1, meeting social distancing and health and safety requirements. However, some authorized sites may open earlier.  PSI currently has select testing center availability in several states for organizations like NHA who are providing essential services during this time. Visit the COVID page of our NHA website for all the most up-to-date information on location openings.  

  • Live Remote Proctoring

Our team is working diligently to implement live remote proctoring (LRP) and expect to have a solution in place as soon as mid-May.   

Distance-Learning Pharm Tech Resources

NHA is here to support you in more ways than one. In addition to live remote proctoring of our ExCPT exam, we have product solutions and new resources for facilitators that can help you navigate the transition to distance-learning.  

  • Product solutions such as our ExCPT exam prep, PharmaSeer™ and PharmaSeer Math™ are designed with distance-learning in mind, so you and your learners can quickly implement from a remote environment. What’s more – all NHA products allow for easy monitoring of learners’ usage and performance of learning material, so you stay engaged with your learners, identify problem areas and help where needed.  

  • New resources for facilitators: We’re continually updating the COVID communications page of our NHA website with helpful resources such as on-demand webinars, articles and how-to videos. Continue to check here for the latest resources.

Thank you for all you are doing to support your candidates and colleagues during this time.”

For any further support you on your path to success in the healthcare field, please contact us via, or give us a call on 866-352-3337. Medical Recruitment Strategies are proud to support the recruitment of healthcare professionals at this time more than ever, and strive to assist wherever possible.